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Jeff and his crew delivered exactly as promised and at a very fair price. I will be returning to Perfection Auto Refinish for any auto body repairs and/or detailing I may need in the future.
Todd McLemore
Todd M.
15:00 22 Apr 20
Excellent from start to finish! Jeff and his team are highly professional and did a fantastic job on my car. They took the time and effort to make sure it was cleaned, buffed, and polished to perfection; getting all the surface scratches and environmental containments off, and making it smooth and super clear and shiny.I highly recommend Perfection Auto!! 5* all the way.
Gamer 4life
Gamer 4.
22:39 18 Apr 20
I had an incredible experience with Perfection Auto Refinish. First, they made every repair on my car and returned it to me in immaculate condition. It felt like I was driving away a brand new car even though I had been in a wreck three weeks ago. Their skill with the car is second to none. However, what really sent me over the moon with them was how much they helped me throughout the whole process. From dealing with my insurance company, advocating for a timely resolution of my claim, and remaining accessible and communicative throughout the process, I can't say enough good about them. Rob and Jeff are honest, hard working business owners. I hope I don't need more body work done on my car; but, if I do, I will be working with Perfection.
Harvey Kay
Harvey K.
02:40 01 Feb 20
They where great! Worked with me on payments patient with me and my schedule and went above and beyond to make sure everything was fixed the right way! They even detailed the inside. They most definitely lived up to their reviews. I am grateful and my husband was very impressed! Would recommend
Tamika Tate
Tamika T.
14:20 29 Jan 20
I have a white 2014 Honda Accord and these guys did a fantastic job all around. The workmanship and their assistance with the insurance claim process was worry-free. I opted for their deep cleaning and detailing and it was well worth it. You have to do it especially when the outside of your car looks new again.
Henry Faber
Henry F.
04:21 18 Jan 20
I had my 1966 Mustang in with Jeff and crew to fix several small issues on the car. As this is a custom black paint job and show car I was very careful in choosing someone to make the repairs. As everyone knows black paint shows every defect and I wanted perfection. Jeff even found small issue that I did not know were. When he called me about fixing these I told him "I want perfect paint" which he delivered. I would rate my experience with Perfection Auto Refinish as perfection 5 stars+. Thank you very much for the great work.
Ron Emerson
Ron E.
18:03 13 Jan 20
Following a hit-and-run involving my son, which caused enough damage to immobilize his vehicle on Christmas Eve (CHRISTMAS EVE MIND YOU) and left him with a mild concussion and wounded spirits, Rob and Jeff could not have been more empathetic to the situation and stayed in contact with us well after decent hours I’m sure taking time away from their families to make sure we received the best service possible and didn’t leave our car in a compromised position for the Holiday. Even after other tow services could not give us a solid time frame on pick-up, they were able to reach out to their guy and make it happen at the last minute. They even helped us communicate with our insurance provider confirming the address and the best way to get the car to their facility and what to do upon arrival. We really feel they made this event go from one of the worst days in recent memory to manageable just with their service. Thank you guys and we will continue to use your services in the future. These types of interactions make you really appreciate when you get the pleasure of working with people that take their business and the satisfaction of their customers seriously.
Maria Macintire
Maria M.
03:48 25 Dec 19
These guys truly deserve their 5 star rating. I had a deep scratch on one of my doors on my new 3 month old Camry and they made it look like nothing ever happened. They actually took me back to work and then brought the car to me the next day when it was repaired. I had a slight issue with the clean-up and they immediately corrected it and gifted me! I highly recommend Perfection Auto Refinish and am glad to know I have a wonderful body shop at my disposal if needed. Thank you guys!!
Terri Wiseman
Terri W.
18:53 12 Dec 19
These people really do have the right name they hooked my car up for real my car was hit in the front and the back and I promise you when I went to pick up my car it looked like something off of the show room floor totally unbelievable. They really do have it gong on .And I highly recommend these guys
Evelyn Ghoston
Evelyn G.
03:55 28 Nov 19
These guys are the Best of the Best! They are there for you as customers and will do what they do best to accommodate you with the best deals, best customer service, and get you where you need to go on time! I highly recommend Perfection Auto Refinish to all that needs repairs! They are the Tops of their field and Welcome all! Thanks to you and your teams for all that you do to make life easier! I appreciate your teamwork! The Best! Thank You!
Paul Leppert
Paul L.
23:22 26 Nov 19
I was recommended to Perfection, by a friend, after a poplar chain could not diagnose the problem with my 2012 Honda Fit- twice. They diagnosed my car and fixed it within 2 hours. Amazing. Great people! Great service! Fair price!
stacey abraham
stacey A.
23:43 11 Nov 19
I was more than satisfied with the work done at Perfection Auto Refinish. I was speechless when I saw the results they produced through my claim. Fast work, above and beyond, awesome customer service. Thanks for everything Jeff.
Kevin Gonzalez
Kevin G.
00:18 02 Nov 19
I am so thankful for Rob and Jeff! They made my vehicle look brand new. They also took it upon themselves to call my insurance company and saved my vehicle from being totaled out!! My vehicle looks better than it did before! They really went above and beyond with exceptional customer service! I couldn’t recommend them more !!
Tori Johnson
Tori J.
03:34 01 Nov 19
My car was smashed pretty badly from a side swipe and I took it to these guys based on the reviews. They did not disappoint. They communicated with me every step of the way and were so nice. I never had to wonder what was going on with my car. There were no surprises. They have a lot of integrity which is hard to fine in the car business. The owner was available anytime I had a question and was patient with me. I would highly recommend them to anyone. If my car gets hit again (Please God no), I would use them again. There is a reason their name is Perfection!
Sheree Stubblefield
Sheree S.
23:54 27 Oct 19
I took my XJ L JAG to this organization to get my side mirror replaced. Jeff was a professional and was quick to get my car in and back to me. Dealership had quoted close to 3k to refinish the area the mirror was damaged yet Perfection did this within 24 with a full detail for a fraction of this cost. This is my go to place and should be yours as well. And now they also do electrical malfunction work to vehicles. Great place and experience.
S.D. Wats
S.D. W.
14:37 27 Oct 19
Jeff McCraw is amazing! He took an unfortunate (vehicle) incident and made it ALL better. Drop your vehicle off in one condition, then pick it up in a MUCH better condition. I highly recommend Jeff and his crew for everything from detailing to major collision repair. Honest, fast, and professional. They did a great job on my truck!
Jennifer Harrison
Jennifer H.
19:14 04 Oct 19
I smashed my car in from the front bumper to the back bumper all the way down the side and perfection auto has me looking perfect again! This place is awesome!
Maggie Milnor
Maggie M.
10:56 04 Oct 19
They did a great job! Repaired vandalism damage on my truck and had everything ready for me upon arrival. Their turn-around time was impressive and Robert was great with everything customer service. I would highly recommend that you go to Perfection Auto Refinish!
Adam Myers
Adam M.
00:45 01 Oct 19
Robert & Jeff took excellent care of my car & me just as promised! Very professional & trustworthy! Thanks so much guys!!
Linda Anderson
Linda A.
05:55 29 Sep 19
Jeff and Rob, as well as the crew, are awesome. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. My vehicle looks amazing. I will definitely use Perfection Auto in the future.
Amanda Hernandez
Amanda H.
20:27 27 Sep 19
Jeff and his crew did a great job of taking care of me and my car. They are professional, courteous, and very responsive to my questions and concerns. My Acura TLX looks like new and you can't imagine how good that makes me feel after driving around with a couple of dents. I wish more businesses cared for their customers like Perfection does. I couldn't be happier.
Shan McLemore
Shan M.
15:09 22 Aug 19
They did just they said they would and did it on time. The craftsmenship was brilliant. The price was very reasonable. They are #1
Herald West
Herald W.
19:58 08 Aug 19
Rob and Jeff and everyone at Perfection Auto Refinish were great! I brought my 2013 AUDI A6 Prestige in to have rear bumper damage repaired and elected to have car detailed. The paint on the bumper was a perfect match and the exterior looked better than when I purchased the vehicle from an Audi dealership in 2014! Same could be said for interior and trunk and engine compartment. Feels like I’m driving a new car! Why would anyone take their car anywhere else?
Mark Gardner
Mark G.
01:34 30 Jul 19
I just can't say enough positive things about the quality of service and high quality of workmanship that I received from Perfection Auto Refinish. Both the owners provided just outstanding levels of customer service, Jeff kept me informed throughout the entire process and when I picked up my vehicle I was overwhelmed by the the level of detail, quality and effort to make sure my truck was ready for me and exceeded my expectations. I would without any reservation and doubt highly recommend Perfection to anyone who's looking to have auto restoration work done.
Robert Knecht
Robert K.
18:00 19 Jun 19
I had my truck repainted. Customer service is great and time of pick up thank you Jeff . They are very reasonably priced compared other quotes I received. They carried me home after dropping off the truck and picked me up when the paint job was finished. Thank you Perfection Auto Refinish 😊😊 Great Job!!
Janie Savery
Janie S.
14:29 15 May 19
I brought my 2011 S550 Mercedes in to have car bumper paint cracking. i was met with complete professionalism by Rob and Jeff until I was overwhelm and comfortable that my car was in goos hands. They offer me the services and explain the process to have me car like new again. The price much reasonable compared to others I had quotes from. They offered me a ride home and picked me up to come get my car. When I saw my car outside and the detail on inside, it was unbelievable. My car was looking brand new and inside had that new car smell. Stop at the gas station, people was looking like and asked did you just buy that. Now, I will bring my car to them every year for a refresher....
Lee Tate
Lee T.
14:38 18 Apr 19
Jeff McCraw is a doll. His shop is neat as a pin and there's real half and half for the coffee. His crew pull together as a good team should. I would be happy working there. Friends, keep Jeff in mind when you're tired of your messy car.
Stormy B
Stormy B
23:53 03 Apr 19
After putting off cleaning my car properly, inside and out, for months, I finally gave in and decided to have a full detail done. Perfection Auto Refinish did an amazing job, my 2014 Camry is like new again! I absolutely recommend them!
Anna Kane
Anna K.
03:22 23 Mar 19
I am very pleased with the final result of the detailing as well as exterior "fixes" performed by Perfection Auto Refinish. We came in with a cracked window shield, a dented fender, and an interior in need of some serious TLC and walked out with a car that looks brand new! I'd recommend for anyone in need of professional auto refinish services.
Jessica Reese
Jessica R.
18:59 18 Mar 19
I own 2 car lots locally and they do 12 to 15 cars a week for me. Great at prep and small body work with fantastic turn around time they keep my business turning
Jeffrey Guy
Jeffrey G.
18:32 15 Mar 19
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